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Amir Yari

Tissue engineering innovations to enhance osseointegration in immediate dental implant loading: A narrative review

Amir Yari
Amir Yari


The demand for efficient and accelerated osseointegration in dental implantology has led to the exploration of innovative tissue engineering strategies. Immediate implant loading reduces treatment duration and necessitates robust osseointegration to ensure long‐term implant success. This review article discusses the current studies of tissue engineering innovations for enhancing osseointegration in immediate dental implant loading in the recent decade. Keywords “tissue engineering,”“osseointegration,”“immediate implant loading,” and related terms were systematically searched. The review highlights the potential of bioactive materials and growth factor delivery systems in promoting osteogenic activity and accelerating bone regeneration. The in vivo experiment demonstrates significantly improved osseointegration in the experimental group compared to traditional immediate loading techniques, as evidenced by histological analyses and biomechanical assessments. It is possible to revolutionize the treatment outcomes and patient satisfaction in dental implants by integrating bioactive materials and growth factors.

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